IT Contracting'

IT Contracting

Finding the RIght People

Innovatus offers a different approach.

Finding the right people with "hard to find" skills can be a headache for anyone running a search. It is more art than science, getting the right mix of capability & chemistry.

Innovatus are confident in our ability to get the right people, because we don't use vast databases.

We are not a large recruitment house. We are a small boutique business who use industry professional referrals. Innovatus started from serving our own business needs - but has now extended this service to the Australian IT community.

Effectively, when you get an Innovatus contractor - you are getting a referral from our direct personal network. Our people come with the right reputation, work ethic and a stakeholder vouching that typically comes with a solid referral system.

If the skill exists we will find it. Sometimes it takes a little longer, sometimes it doesn't but the results are always worth the wait.

Multilingual IT Staff

Innovatus was established out of a need to more readily source multilingual support staff in the Sydney IT market. Since our inception days, Innovatus has gone on to establish a broad network, sourcing and supplying the major east coast cities of Australia.

We work with reputable channels to supply medium companies to large multinationals with hard to find niche skill-sets.

At the end of the day - the people we supply carry our reputation. In that respect, Innovatus are really proud of the extended team of professionals we have been able to source for our fantastic customers.

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