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Targeted Training

15th January 2013


Last week was my first week back at work for 2013 and I was grabbing coffee with a colleague. I raised the question about personal goals for 2013 & conveyed my desire to continue in my endeavours in training - his response was insightful & worth sharing. 
His response was, "Training? Yes, but not just any training, I want targeted training."
It got me thinking - I have hit some ceilings in my physical training regime as well as some plateau’s in my professional life that can only be conquered with some targeted coaching or training. Having a written Goal Sheet that contains specific targeted goals and targeted actions will help pull your goals forward and will make shorter work of achieving your next steps. 
Equally, by not taking the time now to focus up on specific goals, writing them down & planning your attack - it makes it very likely that you will stay in that rut a little longer. Happy with that?
Book a date with yourself, grab a coffee in the corner of a coffee shop with the seeds of ideas of the areas you would like to tackle and get thinking, writing & planning. I dare you, whilst it is still January.
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